Sightseeing on Kastellorizo Island

The island's capital, Kastellorizo, where most of the islands inhabitants reside, consists of the Pigadia and Chorafia districts as well as the little picturesque port of Mandraki. Kastellorizo is amphitheatrically built at the feet of a mountain and spreads on all three sides of the gulf.

Sights to see:

  • The Castle of the Knights of St. John from the 14th century, is builtt on the edge of a small slope, right above the port.

  • The perfectly preserved stone-hewed Lycean tomb underneath the castle at the port's entrance. The tomb faces the Asia Minor, the home of the Lyceans.

  • Left above from Chorio is the Metropolis of St. Konstantin and Helen, build at 1835, the patron saints of the island. It is a unique piece of art, a three vaulted basilica, with rich icons, marble icon screens and a tall marble bell tower. The roof of the Metropolis lies on 12 monolithic granite columns which were brought from the temple of Apollo in Patara, Lycea in Asia Minor.

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