Nikis Hotel in the Old Town of Rhodes ***

NIKIíS hotel is in the wonderful medieval town in Rhodes, close to the commercial harbor and the new town. The premisesí history has started at the 15th century and continues till today. The building has been restored recently with all the discreet transformations that have resulted in a pleasant and hospitable accommodation for todayís visitors in Rhodes.

The view from the balconies and our new Roof Garden will fascinate you! The whole Old Town with the magnificent walls surrounding it imposingly, and the Knightsí Castle extend in front of you and the view can only be seen in historical films. Lots of narrow roads around the hotel lead you to unimaginable places in the Old Town, that are there for you to discover! If you think there is no romance any more, be prepared to rediscover it in the Old Town.

NIKIíS hotel has 12 single, double and three-bed rooms, all with private toilet and bathroom, air condition, television set, refrigerator, hot water 24 hours a day, and naturally for your relaxation, there is always peace and quiet.
It is a delightful experience to have breakfast at the yard of NIKIíS hotel. The wonderful view from your roomís balcony of the beauties in the Old Town will revive unprecedented feelings.

NIKIíS hotel is located in the center of the Medieval Town, right at the point where others have to travel kilometers to reach. Itís just a ten-minute walk from the harbor and just thirty minutesí drive from the airport.

Stegna beach is one of the most beautiful of the islands with fine sand. There is also Tsambika beach near there.

Rates B/B

  Single room Double room Triple room
01/04 - 10/07 40,00 Euro 23,00 Euro 21,00 Euro
11/07 - 15/09 45,00 Euro 28,00 Euro 24,00 Euro
16/09 - 15/10 40,00 Euro 23,00 Euro 21,00 Euro
16/10 - 30/11 34,00 Euro 21,00 Euro 18,00 Euro

The above rates are per person per night including VAT & all other taxes and breakfast.

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