The monastery of Skiadi, on the west coast of Rhodes island

The island has beautiful churches and monasteries. One of the best is known as Skiadi, in the south of Rhodes. A turning to the left five km after Apolakkia leads up to the Skiadi monastery. The buildings, in a peaceful setting, date from the 18th century. The monastery runs a hostel where more than 30 visitors can be accommodated. Guests will be politely asked by the custodian to divide themselves up for purposes of sleeping men in one room, woman in another, but not too strict a check is kept on compliance with this. From the monastery there is a fantastic view towards the coast.

There are a lot of fascinating stories about this place and the icon. One story is about a Turkish pirate who stabbed the icon there and was struck with paralysis. Terrified he swore to convert to Christianity if he was cured.

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