Dede Restaurant in Marmaris, Turkey

The seaside Restaurant was opened as a café in 1973 by Ali Denizelli, at the same Spot where it is today. It's situated directly at the picturesque yacht marina of Marmaris. Before it became a business the one part was the house of the Denizelli family and the second part was the village school.

Ali lived a long live (1888-1992), mostly on the sea, serving on the Clipper as a Postman between Rhodes and Marmaris. His health life of an outstanding 104 years related to his simple advantageous Diet comprised of seafood and his closeness to the sea.

Since the day of its foundation, the establishment converted to a fantastic restaurant, serving mouthwatering Turkish dishes, Fish, and seafood in the most romantic atmosphere. Today the grandchildren of Ali run the business. They named the restaurant Dede, which is the Turkish word for grandfather, in attempt to keep alive his name and to remember him with deepest respect.

Nothing adds a more perfect touch to a good meal than a fine bottle of wine. That's why we're offing you a free bottle or carafe of house wine with your meal in our restaurant. To claim, simply print out this page and hand it to our restaurant manager when ordering your meal.

Dede Restaurant
Barbaros Street 15, Marmaris - Harbor
Tel.: ++902524134875-79

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