Petaloudes - the valley of the butterflies

The famous valley of the butterflies ( Greek petaloudes ), a green streamed which, as we shall see, has ample reason for attraction thousands of visitors every year. The valley is one of the natures most beautiful gifts to Rhodes. A designedly wooden and penetrably by trickling stream valley. The main studies of this butterflies has been carried out by a German entomologist, who spent two seasons watching them.

These butterflies belong to the species Callimorpha Quadripunctaria. They live wherever they can find the storax tree ( Liquidibar Orientalis) with their characteristic strong scent, produced by a kind of resin, which is used by the local churches, to make frankincense and smells like vanilla. In July and August is the natural habit of thousands of Butterflies is to breed in the valley in order to mate. They're laying their eggs in September. They pop out their cocoons in spring spreading throughout the surrounding area. In June they are full-blown butterflies. The heat and the smell of the storax draw them back to the valley, which they reach, by traveling in the night. Then there is repeating the cycle all over again, and they spend the summer in the valley living entirely off their body fat. Not everyone's idea of a good time. 

Take care not to startle them with shouts or loud noises, the butterflies panic easily and don't have too much spare body fat. The valley is a beauty spot in its own right with walkways, winding rivers, flowing streams tumbling into waterfalls rock pools, rustic bridges and resting places, cafes and charming gift shops. It's a pleasure to come here even in the heat of the day. One entrance takes you past an old Italian wind mill. The other entrance goes through cool walkways. A truck leads up the green hillside from the Valley of the Butterflies, and in two km brings you to the Kalopetra Monastery. This was built in 1784 by the exiled Greek Prince of Walachia, Alexander Ypsilantis. There is a small Cafenion. From here you'll have the most magnificent view down the valley. 

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