Epta Piges - the seven springs

Obviously one of the most romantic places, is situated between Colymbia and Archipolis. It's called Epta Piges, which is Greek and means seven springs. It is a cool shaded area, which is surrounded by woodland. The attractive green gorge has seven bubbling springs and flowing rivers, which never dry, even in summer. They form a lake, built by the Italians. This water was used to irrigate the Colymbia plain. 

However, the most interest here is not the romantic surrounding, not the refreshing drinks or the delicious food served in the shadow of the Pine trees, it is the walk through the dark tunnel, along stones and ankle high water. Not for those with claustrophobia, but an exciting experience for all others. The lake, you'll also reach by a five minutes walk, maybe followed from one of here settled peacocks.

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