Kalithea Beach on Rhodes island

Kalithea Spa, is a small bay and lido, with umbrellas and sun beds. There is a very good swimming and snorkeling, to be had in the nearby coves. Kalithea is one of the most beautiful places on the island. It is built on a picturesque anchorage full of pine trees. There you'll find spa springs, which are known from the 7th century b.c, and can cure many diseases.

Kalithea Rhodes Kalithea Rhodes

Kalithea's buildings were designed in 1930 and perhaps they are the most beautiful buildings on the island. Kalithea was built when the Italian commander named Mario Lago ordered its construction. The Italian architect Pietro Lombardi designed the famous fountain, the square, the entrance and the sanitary facilities. All these create magnificent scenery that can be seen from the anchorage above. There is a diving school situated there, where you can explore Kalithea's magical underwater seaworld. There is a entrance fee of 2 Euros. The lounge bar, close to the beach is a perfect place to relax.

Kalithea Kalithea

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