Water sports on Rhodes island

Water sports at its best, with windsurfing, water-ski, paragliding and water sport schools, providing the necessary equipment. 
Whether you fancy just bobbing around on the waves, or something more exhilarating, Rhodes is the perfect place for it. With such a large variety of water sports available, you're sure to find something that you'll enjoy - whether you're just a beginner or more experienced in the field. Here are just some of the things for those seeking adventure around various beaches on the East coast: 

Jet Ski Paragliding Rhodes

Ringos: These are large inflated tubes with the bottom filled in, which are towed around the bay.
Bungy ringos: Large ringos, which hold two people. Highly recommended for those of you looking for the ultimate adrenaline rush.
Banana: A giant inflated banana which hold up to twelve people. the object here is to try to stay on.
Water-skiing: Top instructors are available for beginners, as well as for those at intermediate or advanced level. 

Rhodes Rhodes

The best spots are:

  • Sotos and Akis, Faliraki

  • Theos Water sports, Faliraki

  • Esperides Water Sports Centre, Faliraki

  • Water Sports Centre Kiotari

  • Water Sports Centre Kolymbia


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