Cafe Gallery Stefani

Experience a genuine village atmosphere in a delightful 19th century house in the village of Koskinou. Cafe Gallery Stefani adds an unforgettable memory to your vacation.

Have a refreshing cold drink or a cup of coffee with a taste of our home baked goods on the patio - or why not a glass of ouzo and Greek hors d'oeuvre.

Step right in and travel through time via a genuine Rhodes home to the life of Greeks today. The pebble mosaic floor, family photographs and furnishings that have seen generations, will tell a colorful story of lives of past generations. The harmonious and practical architecture of the house, which will make every visitor feel at home, is a showcase of craftsmen from years ago.

From our small gallery you can choose a beautiful hand-made gift or a unique souvenir of your trip to Rhodes. If you are planning a romantic wedding in Rhodes, let us take care of the arrangements and just enjoy the most beautiful day of your life.


Cafe Gallery Stefani
Vas. Pavlou 4, Koskinou, 85100 Rhodos
Tel. 0030 2241064455, Mobil 0030 6944525544
Email: stefanis@otenet.gr
Open daily except Sunday from 10.30 until 14.00 and 18:00 until open end - Sundays from 18:00 until......


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