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The secrets about Greek coffee

Drinking a Greek coffee is always a taste experience. When you've enjoyed the coffee why not learn to read the future in your cup.
It's fun to drink one of this tiny cups of strong, Greek coffee. If you want the coffee with no sugar, you've to ask for eleniko (short for Greek coffee) sketo (that means plain ). The Greek coffee with one teaspoon is metrio ( medium). With two teaspoons of sugar you ask for glyko (sweet ).

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There is a long tradition in Greece of reading coffee cups and foretelling the future - a highly prized skill here. We from the Rhodes Travel Revue contacted somebody, who knows exactly about this.

The lady, who taught us about the secret, was very friendly. She kindly shared with us some symbols to look out. These must of course, be combined with the necessary mystical power and knowledge, if your cup is to be interpreted correctly. As soon, as the coffee is brought to the table you can see if romance is in store for you by how many bubbles there are on top. If you spill the coffee in the saucer when you're drinking it then you're about to come into some money (No cheating here please, because otherwise you get bad luck.) - When the coffee is finished, swirl the grounds around and place the upturned saucer over the cup, holding it firmly closed. Turn the whole thing over and let it stand on the table for a few minutes, giving the grounds a chance to harden. Lift the cup off the saucer very gently with your right hand and if it sticks to the saucer tap very gently on the table. Count how many taps it takes to free the cup and run down the alphabet to see the name of your beloved. - It is the pattern of the coffee ground inside the cup that tells you the the future of the coffee drinker. 

This is divided into the three parts with the first reading coming from the very bottom of the cup. If they are on the ground, there are thick and dark things it's not looking too good. But don't worry though because if they are slightly up the side it means, bad times are on their way out. If there are hardly any grounds on the bottom of the cup, the future is rosy and the outlook bright. The second part to look for is around the handle, where you'll learn for example a line sweeping around the cup, means a journey. The length of this line shows you the distance of your journey. Two lines parallel show, that you're doing this trip with somebody else. If you can make out a letter of the alphabet the person whose name starts with that letter is think ing of you. The shape of a dog means some -news of a good and faithful friend. A snake is standing for a big desire coming true. If you see the shape of a cockerel this means good news is on the way. If you see an arch or a doorway it predicts an important meeting or interview. 
If you like to have your cup read, a good place to start is a kafenion. Ask if they know of anybody who can read your cup. 

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