Best Cafes in Rhodes

Rhode cafe scene offer a variety as wide and spectacular as the city attractions. It has much improved over the last years and boats in American style coffee shops and continental cafes alongside French patisseries and Italian espresso bars. All of this of course within the same spirit of Greek genuiness and uniqueness.

Greek coffee Greek coffee

Conveniently placed around the city, beautiful indoor and outdoor cafes are brimming all around. Great decoration, wide variety of coffees and good music make the cafes resting points and meeting points.

The cafes are a justified for residents. Most of them operate non-stop from morning to serve coffees, sometimes some snack or even breakfast to late night hours to serve drinks under soft music. What they all have in common is a wide menu, featuring fresh juices, refreshments and beers, cozy atmosphere and excellent service. great cafes can be found all over the island. The best spots however are in the new and Old Town of Rhodes, in a very romantic setting. Have a nice and relaxing time there.

  • Day and Night, Pernos 36, Afandou

  • Cafe Gallery Stefani, Koskinou

  • El Divino, Alex. Diakou 5, New town Rhodes

  • Cairo Cafe, E. Makariou 28, New town Rhodes

  • Fashion cafe, Amerikis 46, New Town Rhodes

  • Flocafe, Alex. Diakou 16, New town Rhodes

  • Socratous Garden, Sokratous 124, Old town Rhodes

  • Finn-cafe, New town, Rhodes

  • Swedico Bakery, different places all over Rhodes


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