Ancient Kamiros on Rhodes

Ancient Kamiros, is situated half the way down the island on the west coast road. It is one of the most important archeological sites in whole Greece. Kamiros, the smallest of the tree ancient the three ancient cities forming the Rhodian state, in the western part of the island. It was discovered in 1933 and is often called the Pompeii of Rhodes. 

Extensive excavation work has been carried out here. The city was developed by the Dorians. Kamiros flourished 600 years before Christ. It was a largely affirming community. You can see the entire layout of the town, which was constructed in the style of an Amphitheatre. It is a site of spectacular ruins, giving an excellent idea of the layout of the original city. From the acropolis and the temple at the top down through the posh houses to the poorer areas next to the marketplace and ending up at the bath houses. The ancient water supply system is remarkable still in use today. Sit and watch the sunset while gazing across the Aegean from the ruins.

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