Kalithea Spa on the East coast of Rhodes island

Kalithea Spa is situated 11 km from Rhodes town, on the coast road in direction Faliraki.

This place was famous for its medical springs which are no longer operating. Some years ago, they were popular with devotes of this form of therapy, against all kinds of stomach trouble. Kalithea spa, is a small bay and lido, it was built in 1920 by Italians. Already Hippocrates, the Greek father of all physicians, drank and recommended the healing qualities of Kalithea Spa waters.

There is a very good swimming to be had in the nearby coves. From the beach, you'll see the scuba divers. Who come here every day, with their diving schools. The installation is worth to be seen. The ronovation is finished. There is also a fantastic beach bar now in Kalithea.

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