Prasonissi, in the south of Rhodes

Jump in a hire car and head south. If you are following the winding road from Kattavia, trough the towering mountains, you rejoin the coastline with a breathtaking view. At the tip of the island is this tiny green promontory stretching into the sea - Prasonissi.

Prasonissi, which is actually an island, is connected to the main body of Rhodes by a sandbank about 1000 m long. Depending on the direction of the wind, the sea on one side of the bank will be rough and that on the other calm. The beach is sandy, crescent stretching of one mile and is a windsurfer enthusiast's paradise. We are sure freaks - you will never want to leave this place. If you want to stay some days, you'll find here some modern Apartments and studios, some shops and some good tavernas. Most of the them are quite sophisticated and you will have trouble deciding where to eat.

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