Beaches on Symi island

Yialos Town Located at the far west of the main town, this beach is reached by walking along the Nimborio road for about 1 kilometre. A tiny sandy beach, it is often overcrowded, but if you leave early in the morning, you should get a sun bed. These cost 2 euros for the day and swimming is easy with a nicely shelving beach.

Santa Marina This beach has been recently developed and although it is possible to reach it overland, most people use the taxiboat. The arrival into the bay is spectacular with a small island located in the bay, just within easy swimming distance. The beach is stony, but a new complex of restaurant, taverna and many sun beds mean there is plenty to do. You can also swim to the island where there is s small Church and in-between its a blue lagoon.

Saint Nicholas This is the sandiest beach on the island. This beach can also be reached by land, being 3-4 kilometres from Yialos, but again most people arrive by taxiboat (about 6-8 euros return) or you can walk from Pedi. It is a 20 minute walk.

Saint George A quiet beach with no water, taverna or shelter, apart from a large olive tree and the Church of St. George.  Good water which is ideal for swimming, access is only by taxiboat. The cliff is fantastic for rock climbers.

Nanou A larger beach with good water for swimming. Access is by taxiboat and there is a small taverna available. It is the most popular.

Marthounda A rocky beach with a few Symi people holiday homes. Clean deep water with good swimming. It is the longest one, close to Panormitis and this year there is small taverna.

Pedi The second port on Symi. It is very nice place and very good for families and children because it is sandy and not deep water. You can go by bus which leave hourly from Yialos or by Taxi at 2-3 euros. It is 3-4 kms from Yialos.

Panormitis The second major Greek orthodox centre in Greece is located at the very south end of Symi., it built around an impressive monastery. It is about 24 kilometres from Yialos and you can reach there by Taxi, rental motorbike or car. The route to Panormitis takes you through some beautiful countryside with magnificent views of the mountains and surrounding islands. Take a cup of coffee with you to enjoy while you take in the views.

Nimborio It is the place close to Yialos. There is a pleasant street along the seaside and it finishes with a small beach and small taverna. In-between there are lots of small rocky places which are away from the people and provide a refuge of peace for the day.

It is also the place where the locals have their second summer houses and can be reached by rental bikes.

Saint Aimilianos A church located on picturesque peninsula, this place is the subject for many postcards. A good 3 hour walk from Yialos between the mountains and is ideal for dedicated walkers.

To sum it up: Do not miss a trip to this romantic, prosperous Island, with history stretching back so many years.

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