The Kalistrada, main road in Symi town

Within living memory, the name Kalistrata meant 'Good way' as this was the way the rich people climbed the hill. The poorer folk had to go up another way, which was steeper.

The main centre on SYMI is called YIALOS with another centre located above which is called CHORIO. Yialos surrounds the port and is the main centre of population. It has been located there for 100s of years and was in the 1700's subject to many pirate attacks. As a result, the Greeks built a Castle above the port so that they could retreat to there when the Pirates arrived. The Castle is known as the Chorio. In Symi, the Castle is located about 200 meters above the harbor and joined to Yialos by a pathway called the KALISTRATA. With about 389 steps, it provides an obstacle to most day-trippers - the only other way up be by a long hair pinned road by taxi or bus. Therefore, the Kalistrata walk is one only taken by the truly fit and by those determined to get to the top.

However if you watch above you can ascend the Kalistrata in 30 seconds! Note that the couple who started stopped and gave up halfway up!

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