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Eating out on Rhodes, as well as throughout Greece, is a great pleasure, a way of life. A restaurant is more than a place to have a bite before the evening entertainment, very often, dinner is the entertainment. Whether in a small taverna or in the most elegant restaurant, Greeks take their time over food.
It's much more than only moussaka, tsaziki and Greek salad. Try the mouth watering selection of Rhodian dishes and specialties. Rhodes is a paradise for tasty food. All lovers of good food will be satisfied.
The Greek kitchen was influenced by its lively history, going all the way back to antiquity. It is also touched by eastern and western cooking both from the Middle Age and modern life. In addition the tourism, that began to develop at the beginning of this century created a market for dozens of different taste delights. Nowadays Rhodes offers a multitude of different eating options, to suit all tastes and pockets and to satisfy even the most demanding tastes and cosmopolitan clients. From top class, deluxe restaurants serving international cuisine to simply furnished, but nicely decorated, basic Greek Tavernas to small coffee shops serving light snacks, you'll find all the kinds of dining establishments that you could dream of. There are also Ďethnicí restaurants serving Chinese, Indian, Scandinavian, German and Italian food. For those who want something quicker or simpler there are plenty of fast-foods, selling Souvlaki- and Gyros Pitta (the number one Greek fast-food), Chips and burgers. 

No matter what you do during your holidays on Rhodes, to try the local cuisine is an absolute must. In any case, all dishes making up the Rhodian kitchen are a surprise for anybody, trying them the first time, cooked as only Rhodians know how. 
Eating out is one of the biggest pleasures for Greek people. Breakfast is light, lunch is eaten in the early afternoon. Dinner usually doesn't start until 10 p.m.. 
The most traditional way to have a drink or a snack, is the Kafenion, a cafeteria (not serving cake), full of Greek men (only men) sipping Greek coffee, playing cards, or tavli ( backgammon) and of course, putting the world to right. Here you can order coffee, beer, refreshments. Sometimes there are snacks available.

Another traditional way of eating out is the Ouzerie, a mixture of bar and Taverna. Resulting in the habit that most of the Greeks donít drink their Ouzo, Souma (two spirits, which the Greeks drink before, during and after a meal), or Retsina (white wine), the most traditional Greek drinks , without eating at least a bit.
In Ouzeries youíll get more or less only mezedes, and seasonal dishes. Mezedes are a selection of dishes and appetizers, which are ordered and placed around the table for everyone to help themselves. For sure, a Greek salad and a tzaziki is a must. 
To help you enjoy the delicious Greek food, here is a list of the most important appetizers (Mezedes): taramoe salad (fish roe spread), melizanosalata (Eggplant salad), olives, dolmades (stuffed vine leaves), keftedes (meatballs), kalamaraki (squid), saganaki (baked Feta), tiropitakia (small cheese pies) or fasolia (white beans).

The next way of eating out are the Tavernas. The more comfortable and classic variation for Greek eating places. Here you'll find Mezedes as an appetizer. As main dishes you'll find an emphasis on grilled fish or meat. Most of the tavernas are specialized, either on doing meat or fish on the grill. 

Fish tavernas are called Psarotaverna. Here you'll find also the delicious dishes, made in the oven or in a casserole, such as mousaka (eggplant, potatoes and tomato sauce topped with cheese), pastichio (macaroni with béchamel and tomato sauce), gemista (stuffed peppers and tomatoes), sousoukakia (meatballs in tomato sauce with lots of garlic) and stifado (meat with onions in a sauce). Typical Greek tavernas often present tasty local dishes and somewhat inexpensive checks. Don't be afraid to enter the kitchen to choose your own meal, it is a custom.

The third way are the Estiatorios (restaurants): Here it is a little more formal and sometimes more expensive, than in tavernas. Restaurants serve a wide range of Greek and international dishes. 
Greek cooking usually uses fresh and wholesome ingredients, lots of local olive oil, onions, a wide variety of herbs, spices and, of course, garlic. This makes the Greek kitchen so healthy. 
The locals are especially fond of fish and sea-food. Fresh fish is the most expensive meal on Rhodes. If you go out to eating fish be aware that itís mostly sold by weight. In the menu you'll find the price per kilo. But even if itís a little more expensive, you should not miss it. 
The best lamb and goat meat youíll find in the small mountain villages. The most common way of Greek cooking is on charcoal grill. Pork, veal, beef, chicken, lamb, goat and fish are dusted with herbs and laid on a griddle over the charcoal. Chips, salads and vegetables accompaniment, as you know at home, are a rarity and are mostly served as a side dish. 
Usually in Greece, food is served not as hot, as you know it from UK or Eire, because Greeks usually donít like hot food or preheated plates. 
Rhodes is also very popular for itís mouth watering desserts: Yoghurt (made from goat or sheep milk) or pancakes with honey (honey from Rhodes is the most delicious ), as well as for its sweet pastries, like Baklavas and kataifi both made of thin layers of pastry, filled with crushed walnuts or almonds and covered with lots of sweet syrup or honey.
After food, you should not forget about the world famous Greek coffee. It is similar to mocca. Itís served often accompanied by a glass of water, in case youíre thirsty. There are three different ways to drink it, sketo (no sugar), metrio (with a little sugar) or gliko (sweet).

And last but not least, the Rhodian wine, which is popular since ancient times and is still known for its good taste. The wineries and distilleries of the island produce exceptional wines from vineyards that benefit from the unique sun and the fertile earth of the island. The pioneers in the production and bottling of Rhodian wine are the companies CAIR and EMERY which are absorbing more than 90 % of the local grape production.

Keep in mind that the service charge is not included in the bill and it is up the customer to add a tip if he felt the service was good.
You're hungry now, you'd like one of the mouth watering dishes ? 
Kali Orexi!

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