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Shop till you drop - Shopping on Rhodes island

If you are a shopoholic you are on the right Island. A wide variety of items from throughout Greece can be purchased on the island to take home as a souvenir. Rhodes is one of the most cosmopolitan of the Greek islands, Rhodes Town can compete with many European cities in stock of designer label goods. Shops work long hours in the summer. In the main towns and resorts they work more regular hours and are open from 9 am to 1.30 p.m., then it's home for a siesta and open again about 5.00 p.m. till 9.00 p.m. (some even till 11.30 p.m.) 

The market of Rhodes is one of the most highly developed in Greece. It would be difficult to find a town in Europe, the size of Rhodes with such a large number of shops, clustering along the streets. Here, in the big variety of shops, you'll find everything from electronics to works of art, from small decorative items of convenient prices to well known designer creations.

Clothes from nearly any famous fashion designer and jewellery, which is world famous. The variety of goods and services is truly inexhaustible and will attract even the most demanding buyer. Supermarkets you'll find in all villages. Usually they stock almost everything you need. Also lots of products, you know from back home. Fresh bread, you'll find in supermarkets and bakeries. Don't miss to try the different pies. Fresh milk you'll find in bakeries, supermarkets and kiosks. - Kiosks (Periptera in Greek) offer an incredible wide range of goods. Starting with ice cold drinks and cookies, from aspirin to condoms, cigarettes and very important telephone cards. If you are looking for newspapers, most villages do have at least one shop selling foreign papers. The most newspapers from Europe and America come to Rhodes usually one day late. 

In order to help you to record all the beautiful images, you'll see on visit to Rhodes, you find films, cameras and developing shops all over the island. Developing films on Rhodes has a high standard and reasonable price. Often one hour service. Often a new film free of charge. 

On Rhodes there are plenty of jewellery shops. Jewellery always seems to be a hot item for tourists visiting Greece. Rhodes has great gold and silver jewellery and the standard of workmanship is extremely high. Prices are much cheaper than back home. The goldsmiths of Rhodes are as particularly well known as their creations of silver, gold and precious stones. Greece has at least 3000 years of manufacturing unique and skillful handicraft gold jewellery. If you look around it's nearly impossible not to find a piece you'd like to own. In the town you'll find representatives of most of the well known watchmakers. Greece produces an impressive range of leather clothes, shoes and bags, as well as furs. The Rhodes market is extremely rich when it comes to clothes, top leather goods and furs . In numerous shops you can order the items of your choice, made of your favorite leather or fur, in fancy designs. Do check out the fur and leather shops also for ready made clothes The dozens of fancy shops and boutiques insure that all your wishes and dreams will be satisfied. The island of Rhodes with the Old town and the resorts play host to all kind of shops with tourist items. In tourist shops you'll find a full range of souvenirs, accessories and gifts for all occasions. Strolling around to find the best deal is rather entertaining and you shouldn't miss it. Apart from a selection of gifts, postcards, stamps, maps and books they also often have suntan, shampoos, perfumes, films and batteries. 
There is a wide range of locally made pottery. 

Ceramics in the wonderful design and colors. Most of the factories selling directly to the public. Pottery is also found in some of the supermarkets and tourist shops. 
Another quality local product is embroidered linen and crochet work and you can find bargain table clothes and suchlike. Herbs are a good buy here. Most common are Rigani (Oregano), Vassilokos (Sweet Basil), Faskomilio (Sage) and Hamomille (Camomile), a herb that is used in Greece as a cure all for everything from upset tummy to rashes, a cold and shore eyes. Grocery stores offer a full selection both in packets as well as little plastic boxes. Miscellaneous good buys are olive oil, olives, ouzo, Turkish delight and sponges Rhodes is famous for its umbrellas, which come in great colors and designs and are very reasonable priced. They are a nice souvenir, and you'll need it back home, for sure. A must is to visit the central fruit market in Rhodes town, every Wednesday and Saturday.

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