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Events on Rhodes 2007

Carnival in Rhodes 18-19.02.2007

With a two-days carnival, Rhodes celebrated for "Apokria", on Sunday, February 18th at the Medieval Town and on Clean Monday, February 19th at Pevkakia, Rodini Park, under the wings of Cultural Organization of the Municipality of Rhodes.
On the last Sunday of "Apokria", 18.02.2007, covered for TV by ET1, a large and colorful parade of knights, witches, masters and other medieval caricatures showed the unique scenery of the Medieval Town. During the festivities local dance schools and NGOs presented the audience with medieval dances and other medieval performers, interacting with the audience. Picture Gallery >>

3rd Rhodes Medieval Festival 26. - 27.05.2007

to the journey to the fairy time of the Middle Age! While wandering in the Mysterious streets of the Medieval Town, we will meet Fairies, Witches and Dragons of our Legendary past. We will discover the untold Heroic History and the lost Folk Tradition.
We will become witnesses of Brave Battles and observers of the everyday life of another time, at a place that became the last Impervious Fortress of Europe.
Throught the magical trip, back to the time, we will learn how Today is being distinguished of Yesterday and dignifies Tomorrow. A Tradition, a story, a Myth... The legend of Rhodes...
All into a Medieval Festival ! More information: http://www.rhodesmedievalfestival.org/

NatWest Island Games XII June 30 to July 6, 2007.

Rhodes will host the NatWest Island Games XII from June 30 to July 6, 2007. Work has begun and is progressing at a rapid pace in preparation for the Games. In the past, Rhodes has successfully organized many world and international sports events, but this will be the largest in part due to the staging of fourteen different sports simultaneously.

"Rhodelios" is a little deer. It was chosen as a mascot because of the deer "Platoni", a species of deer that lives in the woods of Rhodes. Its scientific name is Dama Dama and Rhodes is hosting one of the few wild indigenous populations. Therefore, it became one of the symbols of Rhodes. It is presented in the entrance of Rhodes harbor, one of the most known spots of the island.

The design of the mascot was made by the young artist Nikos Spartalis and the name Rhodelios was proposed by pupils from a 6th Grade Primary School, after a contest that was organized by the Organizing Committee Rhodes 2007, including all Primary schools of Rhodes! "RHODELIOS" comes from the words RHODES and ELIOS (which means sun). This name refers to RHODES the Host Island of the NatWest Island Games XII Rhodes 2007 and the SUN which is also a symbol of the Island, due to the fact that the sun is shining 340 days a year!

"RHODELIOS" our mascot invites you to come to Rhodes and experience the NatWest Island Games XII Rhodes 2007 where 2700 athletes from 25 Islands world wide will compete in 14 different sports!!!!!

Visit the official website of the games by clicking http://www.rhodes2007.info

More information abouts events and more: City of Rhodes www.rhodes.gr

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