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Taxi rides are charged by the meter reading. If you book a taxi to take you somewhere for the day, the same driver will be happy to come and collect you again. All taxis have radio paging and there are ranks all across the island. You can stop a taxi on the street, or order a taxi by phone with a small extra charge. Pre booking for a special time carries additional charge. In addition, Rhodes has more than 400 taxis. Rates are considered to be cheap when compared to other countries.

Taxi driver usually has some religious things hanging from the rear-view mirror. This is probably nothing to worry about.

If you need a cab, you can either phone for one (this will cost you more money) or just wave one in from the street. Don't worry if there are one or two passengers in, if you are going to the same place as they you can go with them. Empty cabs are virtually inexistent (because they want to make money), so this is the way to go.
There are special taxi stations where you can wait for a taxi. This is where the empty cabs usually go. If you are four people or more you should try getting to a taxi station or dividing up into smaller groups. There is usually a man at the taxi station calling out where the people in the cab are going, so that they can fill the cab up. Don't hesitate if they call out your destination, or someone else may grab the cab.


RODA, the municipal public bus service company operate 5 city routes every 45 minute (from 06:00, 6AM until 21:00, 9PM on most of the routes ). All routes depart from Mandraki, at the city centre.
For transportation outside the city there are two bus station terminals. The west side bus station, operated by RODA, is located in Averof Street and serves all villages on the island's west side but includes a route to Koskinou and Faliraki. The east side bus station, operated by KTEL is located in Rimini Square and serves all villages on the island's east side. Complete time schedules can be obtained from the Greek National Tourist Organization Information Office. 

Busschild in Rhodos

It's also fun to throw your things into a car, consult the map and set off exploring the unknown island on your own. Nothing beats the fun of hiring a car, a motorbike or a bike.

Airport Rhodes Diagoras

The airport of Rhodes is 16 kilometer south-west of Rhodes City, near the village of Paradissi.

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