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Entertainment après beach - Getting bored is impossible! The nightlife on Rhodes island.

After hours, always in time ! It's never early and it's never late. - A cascade of emotions, light colors and music, are waiting to be discovered. The stage for a show, full of surprises and alternatives. In the evening thousands of lights brighten up the night and indicate the party is about to begin. 

Hippokrates-Platz bei Nacht

For many of our readers, Rhodes is sun, sea, and beautiful beaches. For others Rhodes is mouth-watering, crunchy salad, olives and Feta. But Rhodes is also music, fun and dance. The nightlife of the island is most famous in Greece. 
Wondering how you're going to fill your holiday evenings while you're here? Well its really up to you. Rhodes has about everything on offer to you, during your stay. From romantic evening strolls along the beach to evenings in one of the many party bars and clubs. When you are in Rhodes you'll probably get the impression the city never sleeps, for when sunset gives way to evening, you'll discover that Rhodes begins to live by night. To a great extent this is true, as no other island nearby offers so many alternatives.

Rhodes nightlife has a lot of excitement to offer and you'll soon notice that it's not only varied, but reasonable priced as well. Visitors of nearly every nationality, age and character dance their nights away, or enjoy refreshing drinks in one of the numerous bars (especially in Rhodes Town, Trianta and Faliraki). These bars and clubs play all kinds of music from "live" rock'n roll disco, to Greek and international pop. 
And don't worry about arriving too late, because these places don't get jumping until late at night. These and many more entertainment experiences should ensure that you'll enjoy the nights during your vacations. 

For those of you who don't like pubbing and clubbing, or for those who do welcome a break doing something more relaxing Friends of the pictures will find three cinemas in Rhodes Town, named Metropole, Palas and Titania, showing the latest films but also classics. (Program update twice a week). Most of the films are in the English language with Greek subtitles. 

The famous fishbowls from Rhodes

Many Bars also show movies. One of the most beautiful shows of the night on the island is the Sound and Light show which gives you a journey through Rhodian history, during the time of the Knights of St John. Both, the historical content and the fantastic illuminated Palace will give you a very special picture of Rhodes.

For those who prefer make the night a stage- The Greek music offered in the Clubs and other entertainment Centers attract those Tourists, which want to get familiar with the Greek music in general and Rhodian songs, every year. The music you hear at a Greek Night in the Hotel or booked with your reps is the same music played all over the country. Bouzouki clubs offer Greek live entertainment at it's best. They are as Greek as you can get. Smart dress is a must for the ladies and a full wallet a must for the man. Entry fees into these clubs can be quite expensive and it's normally practiced for a party of people to order a bottle of whiskey for their table. (Costs anything between 100 and 350 Euro) Add the flowers (thrown to the singers as a sign of appreciation) onto the bill. Due to the numerous casualties, the throwing of plates is no longer allowed. But anyway, a Bouzouki club is still an exciting place to be - if only rich spending their money like water ! 

The enormous variety of clubs and bars you'll find on Rhodes are filled with powerful rhythms of contemporary life. If you ask a taxi diver, a waiter or a receptionist, for the best clubs and bars to go that night, you'll get a list, as long as your arm. Dancing and amusement goes, in the clubs, on till the early morning hours. Bars only have a license to play music until midnight. Here westernized music is usually played, especially in Faliraki and some parts of Rhodes Town, certainly lived up to it's reputation with discos, laser shows, earthshaking sound systems, karaoke and some of the most famous trend-setting discotheques in Europe, offering excellent, trendy music and fantastic theme parties. Don't miss the opportunity to try in Faliraki one of it's infamous ''Fishbowls'' - When the night is drawing to a close, on the beach you can watch the sun rise from the sea, or have a last snack in one of the places staying open all night.

For those seeking a different excitement, there is a Casino in Rhodes Town. The Casino occupies 3.500 sqm. on two floors. On the top floor you'll find the '' salon privee'' which is accessed by an elevator from the VIP lounge on the ground floor. - The ground floor is the gambling area, which contains the majority of tables, machines and comprised of three pits and slot area.
All together, there are 30 tables and 300 machines. The minimum start playing at the tables is between 2 and 30 Euro. 

The Casino is opened 24 hours for the Slot machines, the tables are open from 08.00 PM to 05.00 AM, on weekends from 01.00 PM to 05.00 AM.
The Playboy Casino you'll find next to Elli Beach, in Rhodes Town.

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