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Symi Island in Greece

Rugged Mountain landscapes, deep blue sea, quaint fishing villages, fascinating ancient monuments, intoxicating myths and legends and of course friendly, fun loving people. Symi has it all. The Aegean atmosphere, the mixes of a lively history, delicious Greek food, traditions and modern live are the elements, which compose the beautiful island and make it worth to visit it. 

Symi harbor Pedi beach Symi harbor

Symi is situated in the Aegean Sea, just 3 sea miles, away from the Turkish coast and 20 sea miles from Rhodes Island. The trip to Symi takes only two hours time - there daily connections from Rhodes Town and several times from Faliraki. Symi appears to be a barren rock that is until you turn the corner and enter the harbour when you are startled to see pastel coloured houses cascading down the steep hills, which surround the harbour. Many churches with red, blue or white domes are sprinkled among the characteristic neoclassical architecture of the houses, which is the predominant style in Symi. 

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