Stegna Beach on the east coast of Rhodes Island

Stegna is situated approx. 32 kms from Rhodes Town on the east coast. It is a beautiful resort, tucked between mountains and a gorgeous stretch of beach found at the end of the winding road passing sheep, almond and lemon groves.

Stegna has an absolutely unspoiled Greek village atmosphere, where the pace of life is slow and relaxed. The beach is mainly sandy, however you can find pebbles or shingle in places. Water sports are available and you can find some traditional restaurants and friendly tavernas situated by the beach. Sun beds are available for hire. 

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Name Categories Telephone Telefax Website
Anastasia B Class     [click here]
Antouan B Class     [click here]
Aroma B Class     [click here]
Afroditi B Class     [click here]
Salora B Class 22440-22021   [click here]
Sergios B Class     [click here]
Kozas Studios A Class      


  • Taverna Aroma
  • Tsambikas Tavern
  • Maria Taverna


  • Mercedes Bar


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