Embona village

Embona, is where the most local wine is made. Embona is the main village in the south. A visit is a must - sample all the wines and liqueurs, in the wine factories. Or stroll a round and enjoy the village. The narrow streets with the traditional houses make it worth. The shops, are packed with handicrafts a nice place, to buy some for those you love back home.

The enthusiast walker can claim up to the Mount Attavyros with 1215 meters the highest point on Rhodes island, where the first king from Crete, built a temple to Zeus and left Minoan bits and bobs here that which you can still see in the museum.

The fertile land around the village of Embona features several vineyards, olive groves, horticultures and fruit orchards - mostly peach groves. The olive oil, honey and wine produced in the area have made a name for quality.

Also in the area:

Hotels und Apartments

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Attavrios C Klasse 2246041235    


  • Alonia
  • Bakis Grill Restaurant
  • Savvas


  • Kangoorino's Bar


  • Kounaki Wine cellar
  • Emery Wine cellar
  • Merkouris Wine cellar

Petrol Station

  • EKO, Embona

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