Kritinia and the castle of the knights

According to the Mythology, Althaemelis, the oldest son of Katras and the grandson of the Cretean King Minos, left Crete after an oracle told him that he is going to kill his father. He arrived on Rhodes and founded Kritina. In the ancient times. The settlement was situated, just there, where you'll find nowadays Kamiros Skala. 

Until today the small traditional village has its own special charming style. At the square you'll find two nice coffee houses with a very nice view. The Caste of the village, is called Castello, and was mentioned 1480 the first time. In the ensuing years the village was protected by its Castle - Castello, a name the village kept until the Liberation of the Dodecanese. The caste itself is a mixture of Byzantine and Medieval style. Inside, you'll find the ruins of Saint Paul's Catholic Church. Traditional costumes, decorated plates, a traditional loom and much more you'll see in the museum of folklore Art outside the village.

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