The village and the castle of Monolithos, west coast of Rhodes

In a distance of 5 km, from Sianna you'll find the small and traditional village Monolithos. It is also on the slopes of Akramitis, with a view back towards Atavrios and into the centre of the island. Out of the village and down towards the sea brings you, after a ride of three km, to the medieval Castle of Monilithos. 

The Knights had built it, perched on a rock (236 m high), which gives it it's name Monolithos. This is a Greek word, and means single rock. It is one of the most outstanding sights on Rhodes and a must for all photographers. Enthusiasts can climb up. This is no fairy tale castle, but real life, a impregnable fortress built by the Grand Master d'Aubusson (1480 - 1489 ). - The thick walls thread around the top and inside, there is the chapel of Agios Panteleimon, which probably dates from the 15th century. From the top the views are fantastic, absorbing both along the coastline and of the offshore islands include Chalki. 

The track, which runs towards the sea forks after one km. The right fork will bring you to the the castle and the left to the beach and to Cap Fourni. The sandy, uncrowded beach is beautiful, with its pine trees. However those planning to spend the day ,Your ever faithful guide Manolis (Taverna Old Monolithos) will give more information. The other option is to sit by the road on one of the tavernas of the village, sip a glass of wine, or nibble some watermelon and snap away in comfort. the village itself has several very good tavernas and a small Hotel. The key and information about the Hotel you also can get in the Taverna "Old Monolithos". Watch the sun set over the Aegean , then enjoy a traditional Greek meal, washed down by local wine.

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