Mesanagros village, a quite farming village

Mesanagros is a small village, situated in a rough landscape in the hills. - According to history, Mesanagros existed already more than 2000 years. The monastery is to be found near the square, is one of the most important and oldest monasteries on the island. It was built in 5th. century and rebuilt in 13th. century. The church is called Kimissis tis Theokou. - A peaceful setting for a fascinating story. It became famous, by its miraculous icon of blessed Virgin (Panagia). The legend is, that a pasha who stabled the icon there and was struck with paralysis. Terrified he swore to convert to Christianity if he was cured. Today the village has less than 100 permanent inhabitants, even though the houses have space for more than 300. There is only one Kafenion, called o Mike ( Engl. Mikes). Rooms (very simple) are available for guests wishing, to stay overnight, but expect it all be full on 8th September, the church festival. - Ask for more information in the only Kafenion in the village, called "o Mike".

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