Laerma and the monastery of Thari

Laerma is another small, traditional village. It is situated 12 km away from Lardos and any other settlement. The village offers some tavernas, bars, a beautiful church, and several rooms to let. It's fun to explore this area by foot or with the bike. 

Laerma Laerma

In a distance of 2 km you'll find the monastery Thari. Is surrounded from deep green forests. Thari's beautiful setting and it's story dating back to the tenth century, when a queen with an incurable disease stayed here. The Archangel Michael cured her telling ''Courage'' (Thari) you are going to get well. The woman built this church in gratitude and it's still and it's still dedicated to the Archangel. The monastery Thari is one of the most important Byzantine monuments on Rhodes and a place largely in Legend. The church festival here takes place the 21. & 22. May, the feast of Archangel Michael.

Monastery Thari Monastery of Thari

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