Lindos and the ancient Acropolis

What visitors of Rhodes would leave without having visited Lindos. Not merely the jewel of Rhodes, legendary Lindos is the jewel in the Dodecanese crown, undoutly one of the nicest spots in Greece. It is well worth braving the extra degrees to visit this picturesque village which is stepped in history St. Paul's bay is a beautiful sandy beach which gently shelves into the sea laze on the beach and glance up the village on the hillside with its white washed houses and on the top it is crowning glory the Acropolis which rules over the village. the resort has excellent tavernas, rooftop restaurants, bars numerous of shops and colorful narrow streets to be explored.

You'll find Lindos in a distance of 55 km from Rhodes town, on the eastern side of the island. 

According to tradition, it was one of the ancient towns, founded by Lindos, the brother from Ialyssos and Kamiros. According, to Homer, that was in the 12th. century B.C. The city's development indeed, was largely a function of it's sea power, for its twin harbors and the impregnable acropolis were unique in Rhodes. In the arts the Lindians were most successful in sculpture. - As the materials, available in the area were not particularly suitable for sculpture in stone, the Lindians were obliged to work in bronze, bringing achievement in this to a very high point. The infamous bronze Colossus of Rhodes was the work of a Lindian artist.

Lindos Lindos

The city reached the height of its power in the 6th century B.C. especially in the reign of Cleoboulos who ruled for more than 40 years. From its lively history there are many traces, to admire today. 

The village contains many houses dating from the 16th, 17th and 18th century which are known as the houses of the captains. Their architecture and decoration are unique in the Greek world. 

The most important monuments, are to be found on the Ancient Acropolis, standing high on a hill. The acropolis and the area which surrounds, it were excavated between 1902 and 1912. The oldest things found were obsidian tools dating from the Neolithic period about 3000 B.C. Here you can see the trireme carved in the rock, the colonnade of the temples of Lindian Athena the Propyleum and the temple itself. The temple once contained pictures of the most popular painters of antiquity. Zeuxes Apeles and Parrasius and the eight Ode of Pindar. In praise of the athletic triumphs of the Olympic victor Diagoras, was carved on the temples marble. 

Esel in Lindos - auch Lindostaxi genannt

Of the monuments below the acropolis, the most important are the Tomb of Cleobus, The Theatre and the Tomb of Archocrates. The hill is surrounded by the walls of the medieval castle. Beneath nestle the sugar cube white washed, dazing houses of the village, beyond which stretch the beach of golden sand and the shimmering crystal blue water, of the bay of Lindos.

On the coast, near Lindos is the little bay of St. Paul, where according to tradition the Evangelist landed, when he arrived on Rhodes, to spread the new religion. If you stroll through this picturesque postcard village mansions, they are from great interest, as well as the church decated to our lady. You'll find the church near the square. It was built in the 14th century. The church is in a free cruciform design with an octagonal dome. Inside the walls are covered with beautiful wall paintings dating from 1779, while the roof screen and the bishop's throne are marvelous examples of 17th century workmanship.

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