Lardos Village on Rhodes island

Lardos, is a pretty village with a fountain of spa water adoring the centre, in the middle of the village, and surrounded by tavernas, cafes, bars and shops. The Italian architecture is a ligancy of Mussolini's days. Excellent walks can be taken through the olive and lemon groves, on the small path leading from the village. You'll be stunned by the beauty of this small rhodian village. 

There is a good selection of eating places. Most people sit until late evening, enjoying a meal in company of friends, before they decide to stay for a taste of the night life which is centred around the square. Situated 2 km from the village, the beach, called Lardos bay, with crystal clear waters and some tavernas. It's an excellent not crowded beach, the perfect place, to relax unwind. 500 m south of the village on a low hill are the foundations of the ancient tower of the Byzantine castle of Lardos. 

A narrow asphalt paved road runs through the pine forest, which has unfortunately burned some years ago, to the Monastery Ipseni. The lovely little convent is open to the public. The nuns kindly and happily show visitors around. The monastery was built in honour to St. Melitis. It also has the grave of a lovely old lady who lived there with six children and took care of any visitor to the monastery.

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Hotels und Apartments

Name Category Telephone Telefax Website
Kamari Beach Hotel A Class 22440-44144 22440-44092  
Bell Mare Hotel B Class 22440-44248    
Elioula Hotel B Class 22440-44594    
Lardos Bay B Class 22440-44085 22440-44089  
Lydian Village B Class 22440-47361 22440-47365  
St.George Club B Class 22440-44203 22440-44249  
St. John Hotel B Class 22440-44169    
Sunshine B Class 22440-44128 22440-44547  
Elvita Hotel C Class 22440-44329 22440-44395  
Cosmos Maris C Class 22440-44230    
Lardos Sun Beach C Class 22440-44203 22440-44249  
Lostas Hotel C Class 22440-44141    
Smara Appt. C Class 22440-44264    
Antonis Appt. D Cass 22440-44021    
The Dream D Class 22440-44021    
Fedra D Class 22440-44218    

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