Pefkos Village on Rhodes island

In Pefkos (meaning 'pine') you can see why it had given this name, as the charming village with its long sandy beach is completely surrounded by pine clad hills, vineyards, olive and fig trees, which make a wonderful scent to fill the air.

Once a tiny village, it has now been transformed into a bustling holiday resort. You'll find a wide range of restaurants, , fish restaurants, serving the catch of the day, tavernas and bars which have menus to tempt every palate. Pefkos offers all the ingredients for a perfect and complete unwind holiday.

Also in the area

Hotels und Apartments

Name Category Telephone Telefax Website
Lindos Princess A Class 22440-29230 22440-29231  
Lindos Pines B Class 22440-48259    
Montemar Hotel B Class 22440-44097 22440-44523  
Pefkos Village Resort B Class 22440-48082 22440-48013  
Sunrise Hotel B Class 22440-48311 02440-48345  
Thaleia C Class 22440-48248 22440-48248  
Ilission C Class 22440-48149    
Chrisanthi Hotel Appt. C Class 22440-48011    
Pefkos Beach C Class 22440-48008    
Summer Memories Appt. C Class 22440-48146    
Filimon Hotel C Class 22440-48119    

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