Rhodes - Town, mixture of ancient and modern cultures.

If you've never been to Rhodes, you probably don't know what you've missed. But you could be in for a surprise, for Rhodes is undoubtedly one of the world's most exciting and varied holiday destinations.
This is an island which really does have everything: a dynamic city, packed to the hilt with history and culture; breathtaking scenery, ancient sites, gentle, friendly people and those sun kissed beaches which you dream about on your way to another humdrum day at the office. 
Rhodes city today is a fascinating and frenetic mixture of ancient and modern cultures. The Palace of the Grandmasters, the Mosques and Haman, the Acropolis tell of a rich, past which contrasts with the hustle bustle of modern life.

The New Town of Rhodes lies at a short distance to the Old Town.  It is where the beaches lie and where hotels, shops, restaurants, discotheques and even a casino are packed together to create a lively  ambience. It was developed in the 16th century during the Turkish occupation, when Greeks were forbidden to live in the walled town. Most of the present day buildings date from the Italian occupation.

It has a lively and cosmopolitan air with  its splendid choice of boutiques, handicraft, gold and silver jewelleries and pottery. Strangely enough, for an island sp dominated by the sun there are also dozens of shops selling fur coats and umbrellas. The area is simply  renowned as an exciting shopper's paradise. It is one  of the most highly developed markets in Greece. The variety of goods and services is truly inexhaustible and will attract even the most conservative buyer. Plenty Shops offering clothes from all famous Designers you'll find in the Area called Ekato Magsia, which means hundred shops. Here you'll also find some of the island's Top restaurants, nice Greek tavernas, and nightclubs. For those looking for  home, you will find a Mc Donalds and Pizza Hut.

The New Town also contains much to interest the sightseer, including the bustling Mandraki Harbour, where floating gin-places rub sterns with more traditional boats. There you'll also find the ''Nea Agora'' , which means New Market. with its  international courtyard , its fish market and numerous of shops, bars and cafes. Down here you'll also find  a long shingle beach with a good number of water sports.

The New Town is also infamous for its Orfanidou Street. This is an amazing street comprising of  25 bars in a strip and something  to suit  all ages, styles, desires and price ranges. From traditional Greek style bars to trendy happening up-to-the minute bars, and party on down places, they are all here in a 150 metre stretch.

Rhodes - a kaleidoscope of colours, sights, sounds and smell. But don't worry if you don't see it all on your first holiday because once you've tasted a little of Rhodes seductive magic, you're surely want to return again. Want to know more? Then read on

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Hotels und Apartments

Name Category Telephone
Grand Hotel Deluxe 22410-54700
Minos Pension B Class  
Hotel Alexia B Class  
Nikis Hotel B Class  


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  • Pizza Hut

  • Ellenikon

  • Auberge Bistrot

  • Romeo

  • Ippotikon

  • Kontiki - floating restaurant

  • Mc Donalds


  • Colorado Club,  Live music

  • Show Centre Palace, Bouzouki Club

  • Minuit Nightclub, Live music

  • Xaman, Piano Bar

  • Cafe Chantal, Bouzouki Club

  • Le Palais Entertainment Centre

  • Hard Rock Cafe

  • Swing Club


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