Psinthos Village

Psinthos is a classic Greek small village. The tavernas here are uncompromisingly Greek, with an emphasis on grilled meat. If you decide to "Go Greek" and have a typically local meal, pitta-bread and fruits over a nice cold bottle of retsina, visit Psinthos. Life centers round the village square where you can see quite a lot of people just sitting back and, to use a well known phrase, "watching the world go by". A visit of the church festival, 8. September, is a must. It is always accompanied by good food, music and dance. Psinthos is famous as the site of the last battle between the Turks and Italians.

Psinthos Psinthos

For those seeking an express way to find a suitable spouse and settle down comfortably on Rhodian hills, we recommend a visit to the Psinthos area. Once there, look for the Fasouli springs trickling out of two pipes in the shade of an ancient tree. There you'll find the Gizani, is a small freshwater fish, endemic to the Greek island of Rhodes.

Psinthos Psinthos

A information and conservation centre for Gizani has been created in Psinthos. A kiosk has been constructed that house informative material, concerning Gizani uniqueness, biology, ecology, conservation status and need for protection. Close to the kiosk there is the water reservoir hosting Gizani from the local populations.

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