The traditional village of Archangelos

The picturesque village of Archangelos, with its narrow, winding streets and the nice old houses, is the largest one on the island. A typical Greek village. It has a tradition of carpet weaving and pottery which dates back many hundreds of years, and the local craftsmen are also famous for the goat skin boots, they turn out. If you want something really wacky, don't miss, to look at the peasant goat-skin boots made there (Cobblers still make this boots on order). Women have worn them hundreds of years as protection against snakes in the fields and each boot fits either foot. Archangelos is famous for it's high-quality rugs, which can be ordered as well. A visit of this type is very interesting anyway, whether ordering or not, to see the way in which the rugs are woven.

If you wander ahead from the main square of the village, then turn left, towards to the ruins of the ancient castle. It was built on the top of a rock, in 1467 by the Crusaders under Grand Master Orsini, as a part of a chain to defenses against the Turks. 

Archangelos Rhodes Archangelos Rhodes

Just 200 meters, before you enter the village, a small track runs off to Stegna beach. In a distance of 2 kilometers you'll find this romantic place. This stretch of coastline is still relatively unknown to the majority of the tourists, although it is a great favorite of the locals. Stegna has an attraction of its own, with the greenery, surrounded with excellent tavernas, and bars along the coast line. Here you can enjoy tour food in comparative peace and quit. From Mount Profitis Ilias, close to the center of the village, you have a fantasic view all over the island. There is a new road to the top of the hill.

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