The holiday resort Kolymbia (Colymbia)

Colymbia is a cosmopolitan resort with all the trimming - perfect for lazy sun filled days and lively nights. In contrast to the bust resorts like Faliraki and Rhodos town, Colymbia is a place, to come, if you want a gentle and relaxing  holiday. - It is situated, 4 km from Afandou, at the east-coast half the way between Rhodes Town and Lindos. This lovely holiday resort, is most famous for its Eucalyptus Allay which stretches several kilometers long from the main road to road to the sea.

The beach of Kolimbia Eukalyptus Allee in Kolymbia

As an added advantage, there are also some of the best beaches of the island, offering several kinds of water sports.

Next to the road, you see an advanced system of pipes, which are part of an irrigation system, build by the Italians, in order to bring water to Colymbia and the fields around from the Seven Springs. This system is still working today.

Shoppers, beach lovers and night owls are all spoilt for choice in this resort - There is a wide selection of restaurants along the Eucalyptus Alley and at the beaches, catering for all tastes. Colymbia is also offering an extensive range of entertainment from Greek nights to lounge, cocktail bars, and of course one nightclub where you can party on until the early hours of the morning. The two beaches are a mixture of both sand and pebbles, which are offering good sun-bathing and safe swimming. Here you find a wide variety of water sports.

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