Charki, small fishing village on the east coast of Rhodes

Haraki,  is a tiny tranquil fishing village with a crescent shaped bay and fishing boats lining the harbor. It is one of the most picturesque bays on Rhodes, situated 8 kilometer from Archangelos.The main promenade makes for a wonderful stroll in the evening with a handful of restaurants and a view friendly bars. Nightlife is essentially low key. Taverns, bars, studios, hotels, rent a car or a bike, line the front, with small fishing boats, gently bobbing in the water. The crystal clear water is fantastic for snorkeling.

Blick auf die Bucht von Haraki, Rhodos

If you want to avoid the main resorts without feeling too isolated, it is the right place for you, to be. The small seaside fishermen settlement is famous for his fish restaurants and Feraclos castle. On top of a small hill (150 m high), overlooking Haraki, is the medieval castle, which was used by pirates before the Knights ousted them reinforced the castle then used it as a prison. There is a footpath leading to the steps. It is a good climb. From up here you'll have an excellent view to Agathi beach and to Haraki at the other side. Nearby (in distance of 1,5 km from) Haraki, there is another attractive cove with a sandy beach, crystal clear water and with all kind of water sports.

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